UFOs and police

In 1990 hundreds of people spotted a strange flying object, in the skies of the town of Eupen Belgium. The first to realize his presence, were two policemen from the local gendarmerie. The same object was seen a little later by another group of policemen. The flying object has also appeared, on several military radars in the area. The aviation tried to chase the flying object, but this proved capable of such maneuvers, to regularly evade the approaching planes.
The next day, more than 600 people reported seeing the same object, over the city sky. The description, was more or less the same for everyone. The object had a triangular shape, with three powerful lights at the top of the triangle, and a less powerful light at the center.  From that day on, Belgium was overwhelmed by a veritable wave of sightings, which lasted several years.

Please, see the following video that documents this UFO sightin: Video Youtube


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