Doomsday clock

Since 2018, the Clock of the Apocalypse, or “The Doomsday Clock”, has stopped at two minutes from the fateful “X hour”, that is the turning point beyond which mankind will not be able to avoid an atomic catastrophe: no matter how much it is a completely symbolic end, the fact that the clock is stopped at the same time is the tangible sign of the mistrust of the vast majority of scientists on the possibility of finding, at the political level, shared and coherent responses to some serious problems that afflict all mankind and his planet.

The assessment of the state of things and the decision to adjust the indicator called Doomsday Clock accordingly is taken each year by the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, an institution that today also includes 14 Nobel prizes and that since 1945 has been fighting for nuclear disarmament. Moreover, in addition to the issue of armaments, in recent years the consortium of scientists took into account another knight of the apocalypse: the climate change.

The passage to 100 seconds from the “final disaster” took place in January 2020, when the hands of the Apocalypse Clock marked the point closest to midnight in its history. Growing tensions between the US and other countries, including Russia and Iran, were taken into consideration last year. But in the transition to 2021, scientists had to record the serious situation linked to Covid-19, also taking into account the decline in trust in science and government institutions, the acceleration of nuclear programs and the persistent threat represented by the climate crisis.

If it will be possible to assemble small atomic bombs on the drones in the near future, is there any doubt that the extremists will not use them against the cities of the western world? Did they hesitate, in 2011, to hurt the World Trade Center in New York with two planes full of people?

The announced nuclear danger justifies the interest of the extraterrestrials for the nuclear sites (see the article and the video: UFO and military), and they confirm the biblical thesis of the “THE END OF THE AGE” announced and clearly described on the Gospels and validated in UFO terms on our essay.

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