Robert Dean

Robert Dean, died October 11 2018, was a major sergeant who worked in the US Army for 28 years. He served in various places, but also in the supreme command of NATO, which at that time was in France. He was famous for his shocking statements. As a matter of fact, he stated that while working in France in the NATO headquarters in Europe he was able to view a top-secret dossier, which dealt in detail on UFOs, extraterrestrial visits, and flying saucers. This secret dossier was entitled: “The Assessment”.
The setting up of this dossier, was the result of a secret project funded by NATO. It was translated into four languages, and kept in a secret place inside an armoured crypt, to which only very few people was allowed to have access, that is to say only the people who had the authorisation named COSMIC TOP SECRET.
Even Robert Dean was one of them. Because of specific requests, he had the task of finding the requested document in the dossier, and send it to the authorized claimant.
After having gone to leave, he decided to tell his experience, and therefore to violate the bond of secrecy to which it was linked during the military career. In this matter, it was facilitated by the open-mindedness of some American politicians regarding the UFO topic, and thanks to the fact that some other soldiers had made similar decisions.

Please, see the following video that documents such testimony: Video Youtube


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