UFO Crash

Those who have studied the UFO phenomenon know that these flying objects have got the ability to move by evading the physical laws known to us. In fact, they can suddenly change direction at very high speed, appear and disappear from view and be visible to radars, but they can also appear and disappear when detected by radars. The hypotheses proposed is that alien technologies allow them to move both in the physical dimension known to us, but also in other “energy dimensions” unknown to us. When the UFOs move in our physical dimension, however, they become vulnerable and may be subject to attacks or accidents that lead to disastrous landings and the death of their occupants. These accidents occur very seldom, but they have been repeatedly observed in various parts of the world.

Clifford Stone is a former US Air Force sergeant who participated in Top Secret missions for the recovery of crashed alien aircraft.
In 1969 he worked for the Civil Affairs of the 36th Company which included an NBC unit (Biological Chemical Nuclear) and Stone was part of it, also dealing with communications.
That year, he was operating in an exercise at the Indian Town Gap, in Pennsylvania, when some people ran to him saying that a strange flying object had crashed to the ground.
They thought it was an American aircraft with a nuclear device, therefore, the NBC team activated and went on site.
The aircraft emerged from the ground at an angle of 30°. Stone looked in through a “kidney shape” hatch that was opened and seemed to have no seams and saw a kind of cockpit. Inside, he found the pilots and knew immediately that they were not human.
Their heads were bigger than ours, but the body definitely smaller. From the inclination of the head, Stone realized that they were dead. He counted four aliens, all lifeless.
This was Stone’s first recovery experience, but in another case he also found an alien creature still alive and communicate with him. All that has been recovered in these incidents has always been subject into secrecy by the various military bodies involved.

Here is the video that documents these testimonies: Video Youtube


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