The Blue Book Project

Commission organized by the US Air Force (USAF). At the center Hector Quintanilla, the last head of the Blue Book Project office.

If only one of the thousands of the flying saucers sightings was true, it would suffice to show that “extraterrestrials” exist

On the site, nowadays you can read and study all 12,618 reports catalogued by the US Air Force (USAF) between 1947 and 1969. According to the US government, only 701 UFO sightings, 5.5% of the total, cannot be connected to human activities or natural phenomena.

There is no worldwide cataloguing, but we can assume that the sightings recorded are more than hundred thousand. In Italy, from 1900 to 2014, the CUN (National UFO Center) has catalogued a total of 12,422 cases, the 20% of which is “inexplicable” and the 5% of these could be traced back to an alien presence.

From these statistics we can deduce that 95% of UFO sightings find an explanation so that we can exclude an alien origin. Only 5% could therefore confirm it. Thus, on a worldwide level, there are thousands of cases that could support the thesis of an extraterrestrial presence, but it would be enough for ONE ONLY to be true, in order to confirm the extraterrestrial presence.


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