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In 1967 it took place what we consider the most important and the most reliable meeting of a terrestrial with beings coming from another planet. It involves eight inhabitants of the planet “Iarga” and Adrian Beers (alias Stefan Denaerde) a Dutch industrialist who was sailing in the North Sea on board his ship of sixteen meters. He was enjoying a vacation with his wife and three children. The meeting took place in consequence of a boat collision with a “flying saucer” nestled on the water. Such “flying saucer” was backstage following Denaerde’s boat. Such a collision was designed and caused by these eight representatives of the planet Iarga, a world that is part of a galactic confederation that, for millennia, has got support bases stationed in our solar system. They have got bases on Earth, especially in the inaccessible depths of the oceans.

The UFO sighting and the alleged encounters with alien beings which have been registered since1947 are hundreds of thousands. Most of these are the result of naivety, mythomania and often bad faith, so that they have nothing to do with the extraterrestrial presence. With this in mind, skeptics scholars and crafty journalists have found fertile ground to mock and remove the extraterrestrial matter. There are documentaries, books and sites that deal with these topics and that, with scientific arrogance, exhibit bogus cases with the aim of demonstrating that all ufology is based on nothing.

The eminent theologian Msgr. Corrado Balducci, who is certainly not a party man, was interested in UFO’s. He deeply investigated such phenomena and released a comprehensive interview which we can summarize as follows: “Even the most severe critics cannot exhaust all the evidence that there are about UFO sightings and about the cases of the so-called contactees”.

One of the contactees who has marked the history of ufology and who has survived unscathed the attacks of that scientific and journalistic world that wants to deny it, is Stefan Denaerde. Starting from his testimony, we have identified a logical thread that runs through the entire history of our planet and the various civilizations that populate it.

The human species is not the result of chance and on Earth it did not develop on the basis of the evolutionary theories introduced by Darwin, but is the result of an extraterrestrial “project”. These “creators” of ours have numerous space bases within the enormous cavities of the lunar subsoil and of the other planets and satellites of the solar system.

The strength of the book “The Extraterrestrial Civilizations” is that it starts from precise information which Stefan Denaerde received from the Iargans. So he was able to gather, in a coherent way, lots of documents and testimonies concerning the modern UFO story, clipeology and religions.

This book contains comprehensive answers to the various questions that mankind of our time asks about the extraterrestrial hypothesis:

  1. How is it possible that extraterrestrial beings could visit Earth which is the only habitable planet of our solar system? The closest stars are many light years far away!
  2. Even though extraterrestrials are visiting our planet, why don’t they get officially contact with us?
  3. “Clipeology” claims that UFOs are not only a phenomenon of the present time, but of the whole history of mankind. So, why UFOs were only officially recognized in 1947?
  4. Is it true that there are extraterrestrial species very similar to us and which we derive from?
  5. Is it true that the aliens for most of the missions on our planet make use of humanoid (biological robots) programmed for performing special interventions, then capable of driving flying saucers, but they are not real human beings?
  6. Is it true that the Lord and the angels of the Bible, traveling on bright clouds, were extraterrestrial beings?
  7. Is it true that the “Vimanas” were nothing but “flying saucers“? Is it true then that the Oriental religions are of extraterrestrial origin?
  8. What Is the goal of such extraterrestrial project and what will be the fate of the mankind living on the planet Earth?
  9. Will there be a time when extraterrestrials will officially come out into the open?

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