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An incredible encounter with extraterrestrials

In 1967 what we consider the most important and the most reliable encounter of an Earthling with beings from other planets took place. It involves 8 inhabitants of the planet Iarga and Adrian Beers (aka Stefan Denaerde), a Dutch industrialist who was in the North Sea on a 16-meter sailing ship, on holiday with his wife and three children.
The meeting took place following the impact of the boat with a flying saucer immersed in water. It is a meeting wanted by extraterrestrials and carried out by these eight representatives of the planet Iarga. It is a planet and an extraterrestrial society that is part of a galactic confederation and that has support bases in our solar system.

The position of science on UFOs

Thanks to modern telescopes, space stations and all the new technologies and knowledge, the scientific world has officially opened up to the idea that we are not alone in the universe. The study of the star systems of our galaxy confirms the existence of Earth-like planets, where intelligent species could have developed and therefore human societies comparable to those on Earth. However, these are planets thousands of light years away. Science, therefore, absolutely excludes that these distances could allow hypothetical extraterrestrial societies to reach us.

At the same time, however, the UFO phenomenon is increasingly rampant and affects all nations and societies of the world. The many inexplicable sightings have convinced, of the extraterrestrial nature of UFOs, qualified people in every social sphere, from the scientific, to the political and religious. The case history is so vast and involved so many witnesses, judged worthy of credibility, that the hypothesis of a real extraterrestrial presence really undermines the adverse positions of official science.

There are, in fact, astronomers, astronauts, airplane pilots, high officials of the state, both military and political, who have declared that they have seen flying objects which, according to them, are not attributable to natural phenomena or objects of terrestrial origin.

Those who understand the positions of science, but are inclined to believe that there is an alien presence behind the UFO phenomenon, inevitably asks these questions:
  1. How is it possible that extraterrestrial species visit our planet, when we know that, in the solar system, the Earth is the only habitable planet and knowing, then, that the closest solar systems are thousands of light years away from ours?
  2. Even if it were true that extraterrestrials visit our planet, why don’t they make contact with us in an official way?
  3. It is said that the governments of the United States, Russia and China have evidence of the alien presence, but they hide it and officially reject it. Why should they silence and deny this reality? And for what obscure goals?
  4. There are countless sightings, findings and studies that lead to the conclusion that the Moon is hollow and that there is a huge extraterrestrial base within it. Could it be that this assumption is also one of the reasons for the lunar missions?
  5. Many scholars of the UFO phenomenon argue that alien presences and flying objects, such as those observed today, have been described in all civilizations of the past. This leads us to conclude that extraterrestrials have always been present here on Earth. But is there really evidence of all this?
  6. The sacred texts of the greatest religions, including the Bible, in many places refer to flying shields, chariots of fire, blazing clouds that bring divine beings to earth. Can it be concluded, therefore, that religions are of extraterrestrial origin?
  7. The Gospel tells that Jesus meets beings who land and descend from luminous clouds. There are those who claim that Jesus was of extraterrestrial origin; but is this a tenable thesis?
  8. If these alien presences really affect the entire historical arc of our humanity, it means that there is a program with a specific goal. Which could be?
  9. There is well-founded information that indicates the time when these extraterrestrial societies will officially declare themselves is not far off. But are these really reliable sources?
The book “The Extraterrestrial Civilization” presents in detail how Stefan Denaerde’s meeting with the 8 extraterrestrials took place and what are the important information received in the two days he was aboard their flying saucer. The book then brings together, with rigor and method, the heritage of testimonies and information from ufology, responding, in a documented and convincing way, to the nine questions mentioned above.

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