Alien metals

Del Rio, Texas 1955. Colonel Robert Willingham, taking  part of a team performing  an aerial exercise, noted the explosion of a ball of light brighter than a star, which crossed the sky at full speed. With growing curiosity Willingham observed the object, until it curved 90 ° to the south. The pilot got permission to investigate and chased after him. Following the UFO towards the Rio Grande, where, a few moments later, it vibrated and fell from the sky, crashing into Mexican territory. Back at the base, Willingham asked for the help of a colleague and they flew together to the site of the impact, aboard a small training aircraft. There they find the Mexican army that was examining  a silver disk stuck in the ground. Looking through a hole in the hull, Willingham was surprised to see the bodies of three aliens. The Mexicans asked the Americans to leave, but before doing so the pilot picked up a piece of debris from the hull and hid it in his suit.

Dalnegorsk Russia, January 29, 1986.

The inhabitants of the small mining town, on the Pacific coast of the Soviet Union, incredulously observed a reddish sphere that crossed the night sky, before crashing into the mountain. A crowd of onlookers gathers at the site of the impact. They find a smoking crater, surrounded by a vast area, covered with a strange blackish material. A more careful analysis showed that this material contained strange metal spheres. Later was learned that they were made of lead, but of a different type from that known so far.


The following movie states various testimonies supporting these two well-known incidents that are part of the UFO case study. This video makes us understand, then, that the interest of political and military power is not to understand the sociological and ethical sense of a possible extraterrestrial presence, but only to steal technical-scientific information, with the goal of benefiting one’s own military supremacy. This cold, and hard truth is one of the main reasons that explain why extraterrestrials don’t’ want to make official contacts with terrestrial societies: we are too much evolved and dangerous from the scientific and military point of view, but ethically socially absolutely primitive.

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