About us

We created the “Iarga website” first to promote and spread our research on the UFO phenomenon. Furthermore we wanted to make public our belief about the extraterrestrial presence on our planet just because it’s a fact that we think as certain beyond all reasonable doubt. We are two very gray-haired scholars (that is to say quite old fellow!) who have been able to o benefit from the contribution of other researchers and scholars. Thanks to these contributions made on the basis of the first version of our essay, published in 2013, we have now reached the twelfth edition. We are two scholars who deal with the UFO issue since 1969. Today, for the sake of privacy and quiet living, we have decided to sign ourselves as “Staff Iarga”. We read and studied the most respected booksin this field, participated in conferences and congresses, radio and TV broadcasts, met many people, listened to several witnesses, organized conferences, collaborated with various experts in this field, visited a good number of ufological circles and UFO centers, made very interesting sky-watches, studied the “abduction” phenomenon, experienced regressive hypnosis, analyzed the “crop circle” and much more.

During our ufological research, we met serious, sincere, honest and in good faith people, but also too many crooks, pranksters, fanatics, scammers, exalted, businessmen, hypocrites “gurus”, insane spiritual leaders, fake contactists, fake enlightened persons that have confused saints, madonnas and devils with UFOs and aliens, creating sects with dark intentions or a new “faith” to propose to whom haven’t got a “faith” or no longer has got it.

After having faced and overcome all these experiences, we think that people would expected to get our definitive answer about UFO phenomenon. Not at all,  because , at least until today, a definitive answer isn’t possible to be given. However, we have developed a very interesting and unprecedented vision, able to provide plausible and coherent answers to the several questions that are inevitably posed by all those who explore the UFO phenomenon and the extraterrestrial hypothesis.

Staff Iarga