About us

We have created the “Iarga” site to promote and disseminate the research we conducted on the UFO phenomenon on the extraterrestrial presence on our planet, which is no longer doubtful.

We, who sign ourselves as Staff Iarga, are actually two researchers who, due to cultural diversity, character and professional training, have made different paths in the study of the UFO phenomenon. In this essay we have put together the different experiences and we got, by mutual agreement, at the conclusions that we have proposed in the book “The Extraterrestrial Civilizations” which is an essay that exposes in a methodical and systematic way the set of knowledge related to “ufology”.

We have been interested in this phenomenon since the end of the 1960s. From those years on, we wrote articles, organized events, participated in conferences, met contact persons and witnesses, and with this essay we have consciously decided to get involved again, but we wanted to do it anonymously, because we wanted to enjoy the last years that life still offers us in peace.

In the course of our research in the UFO field, we have met serious, sincere, honest and in good faith people, but also too many cheaters, pranksters, fanatics, swindlers, exalted, “businessmen”, hypocritical “gurus”, pullers of crowds, false contactees, false enlightened who have confused saints, Madonna’s and devils with UFOs and aliens, making them a sect with obscure intentions or a new “faith” to be applied to those who don’t have or no longer have a “faith”.

After having faced and overcome all these experiences, a definitive answer on the UFO phenomenon would be expected from us. This is not the case, because a definitive answer, at least until today, is not possible. However, we have developed a very interesting and unprecedented vision capable of providing plausible and coherent answers to the many questions that inevitably all those who explore the UFO phenomenon and the extraterrestrial hypothesis ask themselves.

Staff Iarga